Welcome to Suburban Crofter

This blog is written as a record of my journey to Financial Independence.

So why Suburban Crofting? …. Well I live in Suburbia! And according to the Centre for Cities over 55% of Britons live in suburban areas, which means I am in excellent company. And crofting? … Well ‘the Croft’ is our home in the sense that we aim to use our land to grow our food and to treat our hobbies as a way to bolster our freedom from consumerism, and to well on the way to Financial Independence. It’s not a stone cottage in the middle of the Scottish Highlands but a modern detached brick house in the middle of a housing estate with a faux chimney. Sorry to shatter the romantic illusion there.

So a little about me, I live on the edge of a coastal town in Devon, England with my partner and dog.  We are a typical white-collar middle class couple. We both went to university; in my case I did it twice. We both got good jobs each, We went up the property ladder and dare I say it on a FIRE blog – bought expensive new cars on finance. Thus we have enjoyed the benefits of a good income. However this is where the big but comes in.. I don’t feel fulfilled by the 9-5 job. I enjoy it yes, but I spend my week sat still behind a desk where my body is itching to do something less sedentary. My partner on the other hand works different shifts around the clock and does not want to be doing all – nighters for the next 25 years till he hits 60. We don’t fancy the complete retire early thing, however what we would like to eventually happen is to have the fiscal empowerment to work part-time and choose the hours we want and take control back of our time together.

Walking in a very hot Brittany, France

The purpose of this blog is an exercise in how using the resources around us, and a bit of ingenuity we hope to become financially independent. In the coming months I will be logging of our activities, some frugal recipes, crafty ideas and hopefully some photos of our vegetable patch (should the seeds I planted a month ago ever start to make an appearance) on our way to our independent lifestyle.